Job 10-13

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I just read and here is “my” take home this year: In Chapter 1 we saw Job worshiping God through his customary sacrifice.  For me, that is like going to church.  It’s what we do to check the box for the week. Now I am seeing a whole new worship from Job.  Prayer, supplication (big word! I know…I just learned it last year…now I sound like those “churchy” people),  defending Him, digging into his own beliefs about God’s sovereignty.  Job’s worship looks very very different now that he is not #blessed (as Bruno Mars would say).  His faith is real.

Chapter 11 is short.  Zophar- the know it all!  (I am going to call my husband Zophar and see if he laughs)  Zophar thinks he knows everything and is blunt! That is why his chapter is so short.  Zophar is saying, Job actually deserves worse,  verse 6 and 11:

Know this: God has even forgotten some of your sin (6)

Surely he recognizes deceitful men; and when he sees evil does he not take note? (11)

I already said I was Eliphaz….someone else can claim Zophar!

8 thoughts on “Job 10-13

  1. I just saw a YouTube video I thought you would enjoy. Author Ann Lotz mentioned in her new book Jesus In Me. It was a message from the Apollo astronauts on Christmas. They all read part of Genesis to the watching world with showing pictures from space.

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  2. This is my 1st time reading the bible all the way through. I have not been to church in years. I always feel “stupid” when I go. I went when I was a kid. My husband will not go, however, I have felt drawn to Christ more this year than in any years passed. The verse that keeps sticking in my head right now is “This too shall pass” not sure where it is in the bible but it is what keeps pushing me right now


    1. Timory–its so cool that God is drawing in to Him–I HATE that youve ever felt stupid at church and I promise you that the Enemy is the one who will keep whispering lies like that to you so be like Job and dont even give him the time of day!!! BTW you’ve already read alot of Scripture this week and thats ALOT more than many have—hang in there and cling to your verse–its true:)


  3. Timory-you win best comment of the year. You are in good company. When you are at church this Sunday you can picture me solo too. I am. I never even touched a Bible till I was 33 years old and that was only because Rachel coaxed me into going to a Bible study. She sat me at the “county club table”…you know the one where all the staff wives sit. Well, the teacher said we will be in the New Testament and I froze. Where is that??? I remember like it was yesterday saying in my head…”Just throw up…right here…across the table, that way you can get out of here!!” Surely that would be less embarrassing than having to ask someone where the New Testament was in this fat book. So I signed up for a Bible 101 class. Long story short, (who just said too late!) I sat through an advanced course by accident, went home, went to Rachel’s house, she was ironing. I laid on the floor crying because the 101 class made me feel stupid! She died laughing because she realized I was sitting in a Kay Arthur Precept class on Isaiah by accident! All that to say, the next week I went to the 101 class and there were all these ladies who grew up in church. I was frozen. They started laughing and said “girl, 95% of this church has never read all of the bible!” Timory, the coolest thing is going to happen…You are going to sit at Church and God is going to line up a sermon or a song and you know that it will be just for you because you had JUST read it that week. It will blow you away! —-This too shall pass may be God whispering in your ear 🙂 It’s awesome when He talks directly to us. Please keep us posted on this journey! I am going to be looking for your comments! Heart emoji, Szymanski.


  4. Timory,
    I don’t know you, but I have a feeling I would really like you!!! Keep listening for Christ’s words…. the ones that are drawing you nearer to Him, and know that many of us have or STILL feel “stupid” at Church/Bible studies/When reading through the Bible this morning. 😬. I’ve been “churched” my whole life and STILL feel as lost as last year’s Easter egg at times… and in those times, I rest in Christ’s grace and realize I don’t have to “know it all”…. I just have to know and seek Him. Hang in there girl, cause you’re right. This too shall pass!

    P.S. You’re the first person I prayed for this morning.


  5. Thank you all. Your comments and positivity have brought me to tears. I am not really sure why. I just know this path was a long time coming for me and I am happy to let God back into my heart. Not sure I ever really pushed Him away but I know I have ignored Him for so long. I am trying to let go of my burdens and trust His grace to save me. Have a happy Tuesday!

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