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Jan 12th Perfect time to start

If you can commit to this without an accountability person..kudos to you!  I am weak and have already made my excuses in my head ” But….I work full time, I have 3 kids, they all play sports, one is graduating this year,  it’s prom week, I am on vacation….”  I have someone in my life who will say “Trish, you want God to be with you ALL day, but you can’t give Him 15 minutes a day!”  So find someone that you love who can punch you in the face like that.   They can jump in today…read Genesis on the plan below.

So here is the schedule for them (or you if you never started this and wish you had)

January 13th: Genesis 1-3 Click for reading
January 14 th: Genesis 4-7 Click for reading
January 15th: Genesis 8-11 Click for reading

If they have spare time or need some visuals with the reading click here (and start at the bottom and scroll up)

3 thoughts on “Jan 12th Perfect time to start

  1. Tomorrow I hope to put new ink in my old printer and make myself a binder with all your wonderful visuals. Today I spent most of my relaxation time typing up the notes from this morning’s sermon and posting them on my FB. You can search for my name and friend me if you want to read the rather lengthy sermon notes. 🙂 I’m a wordy bird. The sermon was a take-off on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, chapter 1 — Be Proactive. Preached from the Bible of course….lots of scripture references which is how a good sermon should be 🙂


  2. Christa, Candace knows this story of me but I love your comment “lots of scripture references which is how a good sermon should be”. A few weeks ago I told Candace I was thinking about looking for a new church because I wasn’t hearing scripture. Two things happened. First, my Holy Spirit beat me up “oh, you want someone else to feed you…do you even know where your Bible is Patricia Ann!” OUCH! No, I didn’t. Second, on a dime, my church suddenly was ALL scripture. Maybe it was the whole time, not sure, and I was just not hearing it. Either way, I feel back in the deep end of the pool and I am loving the water!


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