Job-32-34 and “friends” recap

I want to now take a moment to talk about the 3 friends one last time now that we heard all their arguments (so glad that is over).  These men were “sources” of information.  Where do you get your “spiritual” “religious” or “biblical” information?   There are 3 inadequate sources some might fall prey to.  (I fall to all 3 😦 )

  • Experience
  • Intellect
  • Tradition

Experience: You determine Truth by your senses, feelings and emotions.  Eliphaz thought wisdom came from his experiences in life, and that he had God all figured out.

Intellect: Zophar! You determine truth by your ability to reason what is right or wrong, good or bad, we use intellect to figure logic.  God did give us a brain, but oh how we use it wrong sometimes.  I think “over thinking” is one of the hardest things not to do.

Tradition:  I don’t care what denomination you are, this is a dangerous authority.  “That is what we do”  You structure your beliefs by what you have inherited.    Our dependence on tradition is a way to clearly escape responsibility for knowing the Word of God. Bilbad did this.

Although all 3 sources can be good in life.  However, they need to be filtered through the Bible.

Click here for the reading.

Elihu, has been there the whole time biting his tongue because he is the “kid” in the room. He can’t take this conversation any longer and explodes.  Am I fan of Elihu? Not really.  He is a bit to brash and dogmatic for me,   I have a Facebook account, if I want people to tell me why I am wrong and what to believe I will read their posts and theology of life.  With that said, Elihu speaks truth and states God is just, and we do not have to know his motives.

Feel free not to agree with me, but the last 2 times I read Job through I didn’t like the 3 friends.  This time I am more upset with Job.  This court case issue, pleasing his case before the Lord.

 “His eyes are on the ways of mortals;
    he sees their every step.
 There is no deep shadow, no utter darkness,
    where evildoers can hide.
 God has no need to examine people further,
    that they should come before him for judgment. (34:21-23)

I probably should not have inserted my opinion on Elihu, so let tell you what I love about him.  He UNDERSTANDS WISDOM surpasses knowledge because of the source!  Wisdom comes from God.

So Elihu son of Barakel the Buzite said:

“I am young in years,
    and you are old;
that is why I was fearful,
    not daring to tell you what I know.
I thought, ‘Age should speak;
    advanced years should teach wisdom.’
But it is the spirit[ in a person,
    the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding.
It is not only the old  who are wise,
    not only the aged who understand what is right……

13 Do not say, ‘We have found wisdom;
    let God, not a man, refute him.’


In other words Trish…”You are not someone’s Holy Spirit!”  “Pray or speak truth.  Then get out of the way so you are not a speed bump for God to do his work”


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