Genesis 13-15

I spent the weekend with my husband.  He saw first hand how much time I am putting into this mission of writing a blog each and everyday.  He finally said to me “Isn’t it frustrating that no one even comments”.  Of course it is, but I remind myself every day that I am not doing this for my glory,  but for God’s.  I know that you are doing this read not to see what I say, but to learn what God says. That is the purpose of this “famous” part of the Bible “the parting of the Red Sea”.

Here is a map of the path God led the people on:

Route of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land

He could have led the people North, by way of a well traveled trading route.  Instead,  he took them to a dead end.  Why? For God’s glory to be shown.  It was not Moses that led then out of Egypt (slavery) it was The Lord.  Are they following and trusting Moses at this point or God?  Let’s take a look.

Chapter 13: This wonderful chapter speaks of the additional elements of the annual celebration his people are to celebrate.  Why?  Their children (and he generations to come) will not have witnessed these events personally so God is putting annual celebrations as an opportunity to teach the events that occurred so that we cannot say “Moses led us, but God did”.  Verse 14:

14 “In days to come, when your son asks you, ‘What does this mean?’ say to him, ‘With a mighty hand the Lord brought us out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. 

Go back to Genesis 50:25, we can draw together the promises made to Abraham fulfilled in Exodus 13:19.  Moses takes the bones of Joseph to fulfill an oath taken by the sons of Israel.

Chapter 14- God leads then to a spot near Migdol, opposite Baal Zephon. “Baal” is a root word for a pagan god.  This may have been a place sailors would worship a god of storm for safe travel.  I picture this like another show down between The Lord and a god of Egypt.  Storm verse storm.  God verse god.  The Lord creates an east wind with is breath to make a way for final deliverance to show that HE has brought them to redemption.

31 And when the Israelites saw the mighty hand of the Lord displayed against the Egyptians, the people feared the Lord and put their trust in him and in Moses his servant.

The people feared and put their trust in the Lord, Moses was merely a servant to him.

Chapter 15: Song of Victory

Moses and his sister Miriam teach the song to the Israelites.  The first part addresses the events that have already occurred, worshiping God as the majestic warrior who defeated the final claims that Pharaoh is a god.  Then in verse 13 there is a transition to future events. On this journey they WILL encounter obstacles from the Philistines, Edom (remember this name?…look back at your genealogies to see who the Edomites are), Moab (who are the Moabites? gross), and the Canaanites (all the way back to the days of Noah we learned about them).

Now that the redeemed are following the Lord, they are put to a test of faith. (We could sit here all day and discuss the testing of our Faith!)  If anyone has a testimony to share I would love to hear it.

Today’s read ends with a piece of wood, Hebrew translation is a “tree”, turns the bitter water into sweet drinkable water that brings life.  Hmmm.  What tree or wood are you thinking of from the Gospel that turned your bitter sin into living water?  The Hebrews today teach the the root word as the “torah”, for me it is the Cross.

God instructs his people to follow his ways (after redemption, so stop throwing stones at the lost) and the reward will come.  We end today with “They came to Elim, where there were 12 springs and seventy palm trees, and they camped there near the water.”  I don’t know why these numbers, but I am reminded of the 12 tribes and the 70 that ended Genesis.

By the way, if you did not underline in Chapter 12 the awesomeness of verse 40 and recall Genesis 15, I am not sure we can be friends. 😉

21 thoughts on “Genesis 13-15

  1. So… I am reading this to see your comments. ! I have read these passages many times. But seeing it through your eyes helps me. Also, I think it is awesome insight for new believers. I love it. It IS a lot of work, but we are out here and enjoying every bit of it. !!

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  2. I did this with you the last time you did it. I learned so much! Each day I read and then found myself diving deeper into learning more. It was when I fell in love with the word in a new way. It set up a habit that I’ve continued still. This time I’m reading it along with my adult daughter. I’m excited to see what God dies with her through this daily study. I also own a Christian Bookstore and have been sharing this study with my customers.
    Thank you for sharing!

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  3. I love the present day application to The people freaking out about what to do. When the Egyptians start pursuing them and they’ve got a huge sea in front of them. Moses says hey Gods got this… and God says move forward.

    Like sometimes we just have to move forward. Trusting in faith. Without answers.

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    1. Kelsey I honed in on that same verse. Usually I am looking at the one before it that says “Be still” and God says “MOVE”. Go! Do you trust me or not! I have never seen that verse before this year.


  4. I was just thinking how much work you are putting into this blog and then I read what your husband said. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication which is one of the motivating factors in reading/studying the Bible every day…if you’re putting all of this effort into your blog the least I can do is read a few chapters every day.

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  5. So i keep being reminded thru this read and sermons that Im hearing right now that obstacles are a part of life and that God;s plan often makes no sense to our eyes at first–BUT if it made sense then our faith wouldn’t be as necessary and we would try to do things on our own strength–NOT a good idea. The times in my life that I try to do things on my own strength are the WORST times for me because we are so very limited in our abilities etc–BUT when I surrender it to God, trust HIm in obedience and keep stepping froward in faith THEN I get to see the miraculous and be a part of something so much bigger than me….I love all this part of Scripture:)

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  6. You guys are so sweet. I promise, I am reminded everyday when I grumble like the Israelites under my breath Where is everyone? Are they even out there? Maybe they are confused by your craziness? Maybe the post is too confusing? And then I call you all a nickname: The Frozen Chosen! and I laugh. But God is so quick to say to me “Are you doing this for ME or them”. Ouch. But I will say PLEASE don’t be afraid to say “Szymanski, you went off the rails and I am confused” or “Due to your typos this makes no sense” I won’t know many answers to questions but I promise to research any of them for you.


  7. My brother, former Methodist, and his wife attend a Jewish Messianic Temple. He is now able to read Hebrew and has written and led multiple studies at his temple showing how Jesus has been there since the beginning and woven throughout the OT. He sends them to me and I think you’d really enjoy them. Maybe I’ll send to you some day.


  8. So sorry for never leaving any comments but wanted you to know that this has become my favorite part of the day. I honestly can’t wait to get home and do my reading and then see what you have to say. And I can tell how much time and research you put into each of your posts and it is very much appreciated! So thankful to you for all you do!

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  9. This is a reminder that we will encounter obstacles on our journey of life, but with Him they are only obstacles. We will and can get through them. It is something I am having to remember in this season of life. Thank you for doing you daily blog. It helps me through my readings.


  10. I love your blog! I started doing chronological read through/studies because of you. I jumped in the first time you did it and it has become a habit. I have missed having your blog to read along with the daily reading in the past few years. I was stoked you were doing it again this year! Thank you! I know it’s a ton of work and time consuming doing all the research but we are learning so much. God is drawing us all closer to him! Keep up the good work. To God be the glory!


  11. I am so grateful for the hard work you are putting into this. I have been looking for a good chronological study for several years and nothing has compared to this for me. Receiving an email with the link to the scripture along with your commentary, notes, diagrams and maps – I am loving it! I love visuals and need them to fully understand! I am printing everything and keeping it in a binder. Scripture is coming alive for me in new ways through this study, I find myself discussing with my husband the things I have read each day and so I’m sure other people reading are doing the same thing. Thank you for being an instrument to all of us to point us towards truth in scripture and ignite a new passion for the Word.


  12. Obviously I am very behind but working to get caught up. I thought that it was at the parting of the Red Sea that Moses held his hands up but that’s not true (thanks Hollywood). A quick Google search and I realized that it would be the next day’s reading that Aaron and Hur held up Moses’s hands.

    Also question…am I the only one that is confused when God speaks to Moses? Can no one else hear God at this point? It clearly says that God speaks to Moses which I assume is audible so why are the Israelites so hard headed??


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