Exodus 28-29

No one read the post yesterday?


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So if you were in my classroom, that was called an exit ticket.  None of you attempted the homework so we have to go back and learn it again.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  So look above.  Which tribe will be placed at the East Gate to enter God’s presence??

 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Movin’ on.  Look at the family line of Levi.  This is who we are dressing.  The tribe of Levi has been carved out to maintain this tabernacle.  They will be the priesthood to serve, until Jesus fulfills their role on the Cross.    If you go back and look at 29:29, Aaron’s garments, High Priest,  will be passed to his son.  I point this out because when we get to the time of Jesus, the priesthood is so corrupt that this position can actually be bought at the right price.

Let’s get the full length mirror picture here:

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Exodus: 28:3 The skilled workers were given wisdom from the Lord so there were no mistakes on this important garment.

Ehod and the breastpiece go together.  The Ephod was cloth that fastened to the breastplate.  The Ephod also held the stones on his shoulders that had the names of the tribes of Israel engraved on them-“the way a gem cutter engraves a seal”.

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28:12 Aaron was the bear the names on his shoulders as a memorial before he Lord”.

The Breast Piece- Is the plate holding the stones over his heart.  Also, the breastplate would hold the Urim and Thummim over his heart.  I don’t know how these worked exactly because I wasn’t a High Priest, but think they looked something like this

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And the Lord would use them through the Priesthood to cast lots for decision making.  So in my head they looked more like this BUT the Lord actually put what he wanted me to do through the clear screen at the bottom.

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At the bottom of the garment there were bells.  Good grief my best friend Stacey would love this, she would be dancing all around me just to see if I would yell “quit it” and punch her arm!     The bells have to do with God’s attention to the High Priest.  The entire worship ritual is mutual communication between the Lord that utilizes the full sensory experience.  Think about in Genesis he would say “God SAW that is was good”, and the burnt offerings are a pleasing aroma.  Sound pleases the Lord and recognizes the rich senses between the Creator and his worshipers.

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Spolier Alert:  I will say that when we get to Leviticus 10 SOMETHING is going to happen and the Levi family is going to turn these bells into an “Urban Legend”.  LOL  I love it!!!

The Consecration of the Priests (No pictures here…Amen)

Because the priest is the covenant mediator, we start this chapter with the sacrifice of a bull.  It is very very important that we understand that the sacrifice is a true substitute for ourselves that deserve nothing less than death.  In verse 10 Aaron and his sons are to lay their hands on its head.  I am not trying to make light of this at all but when I put one of my dogs down the last thing I did was hold her head and kiss her between the eyes and a balled crying.  We are to relate to the animal that will be sacrificed.  Hold their head.  Look them in the eye.  It should hurt our heart that because of our sin, someone innocent must die for us.

So let me ask you, here is the blueprint for the Tabernacle and the dress patterns for the priest.  How long do they have to build and sew?  Think of it this way: God is the Contractor and He will say “I need this done by….”.  What do you think the answer is and WHY.

8 thoughts on “Exodus 28-29

  1. “Which tribe will be placed at the East Gate to enter God’s presence??”

    I answer with a very confident Judah’s Tribe. J- Judah. J-Jesus. 😬. (And I’m confident bc I already text you and know I’m right. 😜)


  2. I’m always running behind, so I don’t usually comment. In my head, as I read it just now, I said Judah!! Yay! I got it right!

    I love visuals too!! Never too many pictures for me!!

    Oh how sad the story of your dog. I can relate EXACTLY! I did the very same thing. Broke my heart!

    Thanks for doing this again! You are SO appreciated. I keep saying this is my favorite part. Then, we get to the next section. Behind or not, I’m always commenting in my head. LOL 😂❤️🤗


  3. I promise you are not behind. I have some people emailing me from Genesis and it is OK! We are IN His Word and that is all that matters. PLEASE comment. Yesterday I spent all day in a hospital with my daughter (she fell down the stairs and fractured her back…that’s why the post was so late yesterday…NOT Kidding…the ambulance was AT MY HOUSE and I was telling my other daughter to post what I was writing….probably lots of typos! I thought SURELY someone would comment yesterday. I did get some pretty cool texts asking questions about why we don’t sacrifice anymore? When did that end and why? Cool stuff to text about. Better than playing Candy Crush all day.


  4. Yesterday’s homework answer was the tribe of Judah would be placed at the East gate.

    Today homework was harder!!! They would have 9 months to build the tabernacle. God gave Moses the blueprint in Ex. 25. That was during the 3rd month of the year. They built it at the beginning of the next year. That’s in Ex. 40. So the plans were conceived by God and then 9 months later was birthed on Earth and God then dwelled with His people. How cool is that! What a picture of what would happen in the New Testament!

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  5. Gay you nailed it! Now connect the dots. Look at Exodus 12. The month is Nisan. The calendar is set for The Christ to be the Passover Lamb (our Good Friday). The Temple (Tabernacle) is where they will gather for the Passover. The Passover will be fulfilled on that calendar day. The Temple will be fulfilled coinciding on the calendar coinciding with the Passover. Is that clear as mud? It’s awesome!!


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