Chapel Time

Chapel Time

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Chapel time is going to be a little different this week.  Since we are learning that Prayer really does make a difference this is going to be about Prayer instead.  If you need prayers, big or small, please put them it in comments all week.   Let’s all pray for each other.

15 thoughts on “Chapel Time

    1. Gay, I am absolutely going to pray over the softening of his heart. Someone did it for me and I didn’t want them to…I wasn’t even seeking. Their prayers softened my heart and the Word snuck its way in there somehow. What are his initials so I can put them on my hand everyday? I just read Matthew 20:1-16 just for him. I love that in God’s redemptive plan we can all get equal pay. He does not care if it is his last day on Earth, he can receive FULL pay.


  1. I appreciate yall’s prayers for my back issues–I haven’t been very connected the past few days since my back pain flared up. We spent last night in the ER getting some pain management done. I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon on Thursday and its looking like Ill have another back surgery soon. Ill be praying for yall too….


  2. Amen, Gay. We are praying for your dad. And, I ask for prayers for my Aunt, who is participating in this bible study. She is being oppressed and a full-on onslaught attacks since she started this journey. She is reading it through for the first time.


    1. Dawn I can relate a bit. Tell her no matter what the day brings she needs to just carve a small time out to sit still with God and talk to Him. Even if she just hides in the bathroom to do it. She does not have to be caught up with the group, she just needs to be in it somewhere. He will meet her there. I am going to pray for a hedge of protection.


  3. My daughter fell down our stairs yesterday and fractured her back. She is a Senior with a heavy class load and is in a lot of pain. I ask for quick healing and less pain. I spent the whole day in the hospital holding back tears. I have been blessed with an opportunity to work at another school for 2 weeks (keeping my first school too) and it has been harder than I thought emotionally. I wasn’t prepared for what I was walking in to. Please pray over my daughter and then me. Thank you.


    1. So sorry to hear about your daughter’s accident! You have a heavy load right now with your family, your work and taking on the task of this study and blog. Praying God will give you rest, strength and encouragement for the tasks you have been given. And praying for a quick recovery for your daughter!

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  4. I am praying and believing for healing in my ankle. I had a shattered tibia in 2018 and I am still dealing with a lot of pain and I don’t have full mobility in my ankle. If y’all could stand in faith with me I would appreciate it!


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