Exodus 39-40 The End

When the tabernacle stood complete, God descended in “the cloud” that “filled the tabernacle”.  Neither Moses nor anyone else could enter it.  Finally God was dwelling among His people. His redemption of them was now complete. He had liberated them from bondage in Egypt and had adopted them as His special treasure. He had made a covenant with them, and now blessed them with His presence. He would guide them from then on “throughout all their journeys”. This is a fitting climax for closing this book.  Moses, however, was not able to enter the tabernacle because of the cloud. This indicates that more provisions were necessary before fellowship with God could continue. Leviticus explains those provisions.



Baby Moses is discovered on the Nile (artist unknown)

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Image: "Moses Receiving the Law"

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5 thoughts on “Exodus 39-40 The End

  1. I LOVE all the Scripture of the tabernacle. It really reminds us how seriously God takes Hud Presence with His people and how much He is due our reverence and awe. That’s something I think is an issue for me/us in this culture. It’s easy to take His presence for granted but when we consider that the God of the universe WANTS to meet /spend time with us it should blow our minds somewhat.

    Also love all the details. God is into details for sure and did you see where the cherubim have wings?? Fun details

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    1. I did see that! As I read it the second time I tried to picture myself approaching God just as you taught me through praying my way through every part of the tabernacle. I wish you lived closer to do that with us in my house.


  2. Like Rachel, I was also struck with how little we give reverence and awe to God and our worship. That His dwelling place is now in us – and we don’t take near enough attention to making it holy for Him! LOVE your visuals today, awesome summary!


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