Leviticus 8-10

I know that this might be the only time you read Leviticus word for word (or skim for skim 😉) and I apologize for not putting 100% into yesterday’s post.  I have recently taken on a second school and last Saturday (not sure if you noticed how late the blog was posted) my daughter took a hard fall down the stairs and broke her back.  I am telling you all this NOT for sympathy,  because I want you to know that I made a commitment to this for God.

When I read these chapters and all that the Israelites had to do to be in fellowship with the Lord, my life really isn’t as busy as I make it out to be!   I am committed and I am not too busy for this commitment.  I am going to redeem yesterday’s lack of effort for hopefully a better one today (a guilt offering on my part).

Read Leviticus from God’s perspective NOT ours!

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Chapter 8:

The consecration ceremonies involved many of the sacrifices just described. The priesthood constituted the fulfillment of God’s commands recorded in Exodus 28—29 and 40. Almost every verse in chapter 8 is a quotation  first given in Exodus 29. Chapter 9 restates less detailed summaries of the laws in Leviticus 1—7.   If you have time go back and look for the pattern:  Underline the phrase:

 “as the Lord commanded him” occurs 16 times in this read!

Unlike me who hears a church sermon and usually behaves badly before lunch (or in parking lot traffic).

Until now, Israel followed the custom common in the ancient Near East that the father of a family functioned as the priest for his family (we saw this at the beginning of Job, and through the Patriarchs). The Levites as a tribe now assumed this role for the families of Israel, under the leadership of Aaron and his sons. The nation as a whole lost the privilege of being a “kingdom of priests” at Mt. Sinai, when they worshiped the golden calf. The main function of the priests in Israel was to guard and protect the holiness of God.

God specified certain garments for Aaron that distinguished him from everyone else. Looks like Aaron’s family were volunteer fireman too! 😂

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The “anointing” of the tabernacle and the priests signified their sanctification, whereby God set them apart for holy purposes.

The number seven  is referenced in the ritual.  Seven is the Covenant number meaning “complete” beginning with the seven days of creation.  The consecration/ordination lasted “seven days.” During this time, the priests were not to leave the tabernacle courtyard for 7 days and nights. Their role during their seven-day ordination was that of worshipers rather than priests.

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Nadab and Abihu!

The Bible did not explain Nadab and Abihu’s exact offense.  However, the “unauthorized fire” violated God’s will. It may have involved assuming the role of the high priest or an offering contrary to God’s commands ( most likely to included an “incense” offering because it involved the censers)   The incident took place on the eighth day.  The fire that consumed Nadab and Abihu was directly from the Lord.  Notice they were already dead and then fire came out of the presence of the Lord and consumed them!

Aaron and his surviving sons were not to demonstrate any dissatisfaction with God’s judgment, but God permitted the people mourn.  Eleazar and Ithamar  replaced their older brothers.  Click here if you want to print the below.

Family Tree

One thought on “Leviticus 8-10

  1. so I used to think about Leviticus much like Trish described earlier–like just being thankful that we don’t have to go thru all the rituals for forgiveness of sin and to be in right relationship with the Lord–and I am grateful for that but once several years ago the Lord challenged me about my attitude and I was reminded of a couple cool things from this book:
    1. God takes sin VERY seriously and so should I
    2. The OT priests had such a valuable role in lots of ways and now that we are the NT church we believers are the priest so to speak–if you know Jesus then you have the Holy Spirit residing in you–we are part of the royal priesthood–our relationship with Jesus is OUR responsibility we cant blame others when it is weak or anything

    Just a couple things I like because they challenge me and push me to take my life and the way I live more seriously –it really does matter 🙂

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