Deuteronomy 28-29

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of Covid-19, this will be hard to read today.  I am NOT saying there is a correlation.  As we read the rest of the Old Testament, we will see how God fulfilled what Moses said here.  What I am saying is that you will see scriptures like 28:47 “Because you did not serve the Lord your God joyfully and gladly in the time of prosperity…”  and it will hurt.  It should.  Our Country is failing.

Here we go.

“IF you obey the Lord…the Lord will…

  1. Your city and county will be blessed (v.3)
  2. Your children (fertility), herds,  and crops will be blessed (v.4)
  3. Your needs (food) will be blessed (v.5)
  4. Wherever you go and whatever you do will be blessed (v.6)
  5. Your enemies will attack you from 1 direction, but you will scatter them in 7 (v.7)
  6. You will lend money to nations but never have to borrow (v.12)


  1. Your city and county will be a curse (v.16)
  2. Your children (fertility), herds,  and crops will be cursed (v.18)
  3. Your needs (food) will be cursed(v.17)
  4. Wherever you go and whatever you do will be cursed(v.19)
  5. Your enemies will attack you from 1 direction, but you will scatter in 7 (v.25)
  6. They will lend money to you, but you will not lend to them (v.44)

These are all the blessings, but not all the curses.  Moses lists about four times more curses than blessings. The lists of curses (in ancient documents) were typically longer and more detailed than the lists of blessings probably to stress the seriousness of violating the covenant. Israel was entering a very dangerous environment in Canaan, and needed strong warnings against the temptations they would encounter.

This might be a huge spoiler alert for some (sorry):  After we are in the Promised Land for some time; the curses of disobedience will be literal.  Read chapter 28 closely and you will see the Captivity at it’s worst.  A quick summary of the captivity is after hundreds of years of God warning the Israelites to obey him,  He finally takes His hand of protection off of them.   He allowed the Assyrians and the Babylonians to capture all of them and take them OUT of the land completely.  Here is a quick visual.

Image result for bible captivity map

This captivity will be so severe that they will resort to cannibalism and eating the afterbirth.  Then finally in verse 64 we will see the prophecy of the scattering “diaspora”.  This will explain WHY Paul’s mission trips to find Jewish people are so far from each other.

Image result for paul missionary map

Chapter 29! This is it!  Moses Final Speech so read it closely (I am honest with you when I skim, so now I am telling you to hang on every word)

As the people stand in God’s presence to renew their allegiance to him ALL are included.  Men, wives, children, servants…ALL.  He renews the Covenant from Genesis 15 (Promised in 12), and warns them one last time about apostasy, hypocrisy, and rebellion.

For me: Verse 29:19 was the hardest to read for me.  I have MANY people in my life that say that to me daily.

6 thoughts on “Deuteronomy 28-29

  1. I remember the first time Trish did the read thru and I got a text on this day saying “Just read end of Deuteronomy-nice little speech at the end” for some reason I loved that and I think part of it is that last words matter. When its the last thing people are going to hear from you (especially if you know its the last thing) there is just more weight to what is said–the last thing a coach says before the team takes the field, last words of commander before a battle, last words of Jesus before He ascended-Moses’ last words to the people he has poured his life into leading. We would be wise to listen and note that he spent his time describing the difference between choosing to obey God’s commands or the consequences of disobedience…


    1. Rachel, I remember that like it was yesterday. Here’s the deal, after reading that I thought surely they will listen, right? But since I know now that they don’t it hurts. God tells me to obey and I know the warnings but I still don’t. It is like how many times do we have to fall away from His Word to learn our lesson. We are living in a time where not only do most of us NOT know the Word, but even if we do we ignore or rationalize our sin. Do we really think about what Jesus told us to do and obey? Are we not better than the Israelites? Jesus may have fulfilled the law but He reaffirms all the commandments for the Church. Do we repent, are we the salt and light of the World, keep our word, go the second mile, love our enemies, disciple others, tithe, honor marriage, forgive others, trust in Him, give to the poor, serve, worry, trust…..It is harder to read Moses’ speech this time because it is timeless. Do we now suffer from disease, worship other gods in our life, will we also be taken into captivity…we already know the answer.

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  2. I usually read your blog and the comments after I have done the reading. I underline things that stand out to me. Today, the only verse I underlined was 29:19 and I wrote the date and Covid-19 in my Bible. Weird, but I have chills now after reading your blog!


  3. 29:9 Therefore, obey the terms of this covenant so that you will prosper in everything you do.

    *So many interesting connections to what we are experiencing today

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