Book Overviews · Ruth

Ruth Overview

Tomorrow we will read the entire book of Ruth in 1 day.  It’s actually only 85 verses. (It is less than a 14-minute read)This is one of the only two books in Scripture which bear the names of women: Ruth and Esther, and they stand in marked contrast. Ruth is a young Gentile woman who is brought to live among Hebrews and marries a Hebrew husband in the line of David. Esther is a young Hebrew woman who is brought to live among Gentiles and marries a Gentile husband.

To me this book is CPR!  Conversation, Providence, and  Redemption, and Providence.

  • We will see true conversion since Ruth actually becomes a follower in ‘Yahweh’ (The LORD, not just a lord).
  • Providence-natural events used for supernatural outcomes-(this is my favorite theme of the book).
  • A kinsman-redeemer is a male relative who, according to the law, had the privilege or responsibility to act on behalf of a relative who was in trouble, danger, or need. (Jesus)

I think often I view the Bible as “orchestrated”, when in fact we know that God will use natural circumstances to fulfill His plan.  This book God uses Providence for these Prophecies to occur.

  • The Messiah will be born in Bethlehem: Micah 5:2
  • The Messiah will come from the tribe of Judah: Genesis 4:10
  • The Messiah will be born through the family of David: 2 Samuel 7

God uses natural events during a very dark period in history for supernatural outcomes.  God will create a genealogy in chapter 4 that will continue the perfect prophecy of Jesus.

Ruth Chapter 1 verse 1: In the days when the judges ruled, there was a famine in the land…

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