Psalm 121, 123, 124, 125, 128, 129, and 130

Psalm 121 is one of the Songs of Ascent.  (Actually, 120-134 are all of them) If you would like to read all of them Click here.) When people would walk uphill to Jerusalem on a pilgrim for one the festivals, they would often sing these Psalms.

Psalm 121 - NIV & ESV -

Psalm 123

Pin on KINGDOM Culture

Psalm 124

March 15, 2019 - KJV - Bible verse of the day - Psalm 124:8 ...

Psalm 125

The word Zion is written 150 times in the Bible.  The word has several references.  It is referred to the CIty of David, Jerusalem, a mountain that cannot be moved (metaphorically)

Jerusalem | All Geography Now

Psalm 125:1 | Psalms

Psalm 128-This is also called the Wedding Psalm since it was read at weddings in Israel.

  • Here is some transparency for you-ok, so you know when you go to a wedding, they do a “reading”.  Well, when I got married,  I was so OFFENDED by the Bible, I refused to have a Scripture read!   BUT if I was married today I would have this one read 🙌

Typography: Psalm 128:1 – YMI

Psalm 129-

Psalms 129:4 #freedom #cuttherope #God #verseoftheday | Verse of ...

Psalm 130- My FAVORITE of the day- Verse 3-He does not keep record!-Thank heavens!

5 thoughts on “Psalm 121, 123, 124, 125, 128, 129, and 130

    1. this is a wonderful song to go with Psalms 121..I am not sure if that link will play but if not this one is from YouTube….happy Monday you all!!


  1. This reminds me how important it is to Thank God after the storm. David was finally delivered from Saul (David’s biggest issue). “Saul” can represent So many things in our day- it could be a marriage trial, a divorce, a bankruptcy, a battle with cancer,,……David expressed his emotions so well while walking through the pain. How many times do we try to suppress them. Nope- not David. He wrote poetry to God. I wonder his wives were like- oh goodness- here he goes again. I’m not making fun of David- I empathize. It’s truly a picture of walking through hard times and finally coming out the other side. Our precious pastor always said, “when you’re walking through hell, don’t stop until you’ve come out the other side.”


    1. You are so right. One of the BEST things I ever heard was “God called us to be Holy, not Happy”. David set himself apart for God. He did not seek to be Happy (killing Saul), he remained Holy. Right now a very good friend of mine is seeking ONLY happiness and backing scripture into it out of context and I am in turmoil over it! What is my role? Do I say something because I love her, at the risk of sounding “righteous”, or do I let God give her what she wants and let it play out. (I am choosing option #2, but I really don’t know if as a Christian I am supposed to talk to her). Ugggg.


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