Jeremiah 10 God verse the Idol

The timing was unbelievable.  If you read my post this morning I was sad.  I reached out to 3 friends and say “I need prayers”.  My phone rang and I threw it to voicemail not wanting to talk to anyone. I was needing something positive today.  Thirty minutes later I got a text.  A sweet woman sent me this picture. I was shocked!  It was from the Jeremiah 10 read.  I was so happy!!  Her name is Kay Reynolds.  Kay, thank you so much!  Kay, when you were doing your homework, what was the one message you heard from God??

2 thoughts on “Jeremiah 10 God verse the Idol

  1. Patricia, I am glad I bright your day. I thank you for the tome you devote to helping us stay on tract. In doing this i thought of all the things we “ can let become idols. “. Mine could be hobbies. When I am in, I am IN! This made me mindful of how we spend out time show us where we may be setting up idols.

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